About the Mural

Hickman County is a wonderful place to live, and I believe that it is important to find ways to celebrate our home and beautify our community in any way that we can. A mural is a wonderful way to encapsulate everything that we love about our home. This mural should represent the core values of our community, and one aspect of our community that deserves recognition is the generations upon generations of families that can be found in our hometown of Hickman County. Our community should celebrate the fact that families have continually chosen to raise their children in our community. I wanted this aspect of the community to be represented in the mural. Upon closer inspection of Rudy's concept of the sketch, you might recognize this representation through the boy dressed in blue in each of the four sections. In addition, as I reflected on what I believed to be the values and integral parts of our community, I found that the words faith, family, friends, and farming repeatedly came to mind. Mr. Holmes has done an excellent job of incorporating the beliefs of our community as well as a picture of everyday life in our small town. These values and ideas are incorporated through the picture of the oldest church in our community, Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church, and Columbus Belmont State Park, a favorite pastime of our residents.

A mural is a frozen piece of history. A piece of history that will outlive many of us, and I believe it is important that we work together now to preserve the history and legacy of our community. Generations to come will be able to partake in the beauty that we created. Hickman County and its heritage is important to me, and I know that it is important to many of you as well. Through the giving of our time and efforts, we can make a lasting difference in our beloved home.

Throughout the coming months multiple fundraisers will be conducted in hopes that the community will participate and donate to the cause. An account under the care of the Hickman County Historical and Genealogical Society will be accepting donations at First Community Bank. Checks can be made out to Hickman County Mural. Donations can also be made through the online link provided on this website; click the "donate" button on the bar at the top of the screen.

It is also important to note that this particular mural, similar to the mural on the Good News Shoppe in Mayfield, KY, will be moveable in case of emergency. It is not painted directly on the wall. This is an added advantage to the innumerable benefits that we will receive from placing a mural in our community.