Columbus-Belmont Park

The park at Columbus-Belmont covers 160 acres and has on display part of the chain and a huge anchor used during the Civil War to bar the Mississippi. Children of Hickman County have spent numerous afternoons trying their best to balance themselves on that beloved and historic chain. There is also an antebellum home built in 1850 that once served as a Confederate hospital. The home now houses a museum. The park has picnic grounds, a playground, a gift shop, and a miniature golf course. The historic fortications are still recognizable and serve as a reminder of the days of the American Civil War. Hickman County residents can be found walking the trails, eating corndogs, enjoying ice cream from the snack bar, and watching the tugboats travel up and down the Mississippi River on any given summer day. Columbus Belmont State Park has served as a staple of Hickman County life for decades.